Friday 10 November 2017
 11:55 PM CST

Bathtub Refinishing * Custom match any color off the Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color chart * Fiberglass Inlay Repair Panel--for cracked and leaking fiberglass tubs and showers * Lead Free products used in the refinishing process. The refinishing process encapsulates the tub, protecting bathers and soakers - adults and (more).

 12:46 AM CST

Some people decide to refinish their bathtub themselves to save money. But do you really save money? Most people (I would say 9 out of 10) who decide to refinish their tub themselves end up calling me anyway. We are not against people trying to save money. But truthfully, bathtub refinishing is one area that should be done by a professional. The reason is that the DYI kits don't last. Within a few short months, the finish will peel. Then, the previous finish has to be stripped, and we have to start over. So you have the added cost to strip the tub. 

 10:01 PM CST

Severely damaged fiberglass tub/shower unit repaired.

 6:59 PM CST

What to Expect -- Me and You

Monday 18 March 2013
 6:58 PM CST

Now you can have your cracked fiberglass tub floor permanently repaired...  

Monday 11 March 2013
 10:02 AM CST

We refinish bathtubs ~ at a fraction of the cost!

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