Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really want to move that wall?!

If you don't want to move walls, remove wall or floor tile, disturb the plumbing of your existing tub or place a special order for just the right size new tub for your existing bathroom - than call us!

Why should I refinish if I am totally remodeling my bathroom?

If you are totally gutting your bathroom you may choose to put in all new fixtures. Or you may choose refinishing to save antique fixtures or conserve your existing fixtures that are in good condition - just the wrong color.  

How long before I can use my tub after it has been refinished?

A typical standard tub job can be completed in about 6 hours with the customer able to use their tub after 24 hours.

Can you change the color of my tub?
Yes! We can change any out-dated colors to any color you desire. Some customers buy new toilets and sinks, and have their bathtub refinished to match. ANEW-IT Bathtub Refinishing, LLC can also color match your existing fixtures, as we have unlimited custom colors. We can work off the Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Behr color charts.

Is there a warranty?
ANEW-IT Bathtub Refinishing, LLC has a warranty in residential on bathtubs. This covers workmanship, fading, peeling and cracking. 

View copy of the warranty.

How long will my tub last?
With proper care, the life expectancy of the new finish can last for many years.

How do I care for my tub once it is refinished?
Clean your tub with non-abrasive products. Use foam or liquid cleaners only. There are many other non-abrasive cleansers available. Note: anything with a sand like grit to it is an abrasive cleaner. Clean your tub often to eliminate soap and mineral build-up. Making sure the tub is dry after each use, especially around the drain, will help retain its gloss for many years.

READ THE LABEL: Some products such as The Works specifically say: Do not use on refinished surfaces - so please don't - they will harm your new surface.

Is there any lead in your products?

No. The products used by ANEW-IT Bathtub Refinishing, LLC are lead free and become a barrier that prevents lead from leaching through older tubs that were made with lead in them. The refinishing process encapsulates the tub, protecting bathers and soakers, adults and children from lead exposure.

Can you repair a crack in my fiberglass tub/shower unit?

Yes we can. Please go to our fiberglass page.

Please note:
We are switching gears and updating the Refinishing Services we now offer.
We will no longer be Refinishing:
Showers, tub shower units/modules, wall tile, kitchen or bathroom sinks or countertops.

We continue to:
Refinish/Recolor regular bathtubs only.

Repair cracked fiberglass and acrylic bathtubs and showers.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover  are accepted with a 4% service fee.