Saturday 20 September 2014

What to Expect
What to Expect -- Me and You

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What you as a customer need to do:

  1.  Any work above the tub should be completed before I refinish your tub. IE tiling, painting, etc
  2.  If you have a drippy faucet, this would need to be repaired before I can refinish the tub.
    This is very important. 
  3.  If your tub has shower doors, please remove them and the tracks.
  4.  For ease of masking up, please remove any knick-knacks or anything hanging on the walls.
  5.  I may have to leave some masking around the tub.  This can be taken off by scoring and carefully by pulling the masking up and away from the tub - the next day.
  6.  The customer is responsible for re-caulking; putting the drain, overflow and any other hardware back on.
  7.  Payment is due when the job is complete.

Please note:
Since the tub will look like new, you may want to consider getting a new drain and overflow depending on the condition of your existing one.

What to expect:

  1.  I will remove the caulk (not grout) surrounding the bathtub. 
  2. If possible, I will remove the drain.  That way, the coating will get underneath the drain and it will be sealed when you put the new drain back in.
  3.  The areas around the tub will be masked off to prevent dust getting on things.
  4.  The bathtub will get two coats of primer, and three finish coats.
  5.  Even though we have an exhaust fan, there will still be an odor for a few hours.
  6.  On occasion, the masking tape may remove paint or wall paper from the wall.
    Anew-It Bathtub Refinishing is not responsible should this occur.
  7.  You may use the tub after 24 hours.
  8. Cleaning instructions will be left with you after the refinishing of your tub is complete.

Once the tub is refinished:
You will not be able to leave a bathmat in the bottom or use a bathmat with suction cups.

I can put a slip resistant textured finish on the bottom if you would like for an additional cost.
This is optional but recommended.