Saturday 21 January 2017

DYI kit verses Professional Refinishing

Posted at 12:46 AM

     Some people decide to refinish their bathtub themselves to save money. But do you really save money? Most people (I would say 9 out of 10) who decide to refinish their tub themselves end up calling me anyway.  We are not against people trying to save money. But truthfully, bathtub refinishing is one area that should be done by a professional. The reason is that the DYI kits don't last. Within a few short months, the finish will peel. Then, the previous finish has to be removed, and we have to start over. So you have the added cost to remove the old surface on the tub. 

     Prep work is very important. We at Anew-It Bathtub Refinishing, LLC are very meticulous in our prep work. We also use a very high quality primer. The tub gets two coats of primer, and three finish coats.